A recognizable and loved brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. In fact, 59% of customers prefer to buy products from brands they know.

Branding services aren’t hard to find.

I’m pretty sure if you Google [your location] + branding, the results will be a stream of agencies that provide branding services.

But what branding services do you actually need at this stage? Do you need them all? Or are you just looking for a brand identity?

I would argue that you need all of the branding services outlined, no matter what you’re trying to achieve.

However, I appreciate you may not have the appropriate branding budget. So, are there any areas where you might be able to save your budget?

Let’s jump in and explore.



  • Discovery & Research.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Target Audience.
  • Brand Voice.
  • Brand Messaging.
  • Customer Journey.


  • Logo Design.
  • Brand Style Guide.